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Rafting on the Verdon

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Dam releases on the middle Verdon: EDF forecasts.


You will find below the dam release forecasts for Moyen-Verdon transmitted by EDF.

We update this table as and when EDF forecasts are issued:
– the day before at 5:00 p.m. for the next day during the week (from Sunday evening to Thursday evening),
– Friday at 5:00 p.m. for the following Saturday and Sunday.

Any use of this information other than to participate in ABOARD Rafting activities is at your own risk.

For general information on dams and artificial lakes in the Verdon, see the EDF website for the Verdon dams



moyen Verdon (below Castellane)
dam flow proposed activities
01/08 no water release aqua-rando
02/08 no water release aqua-rando
03/08 no water release aqua-rando
04/08 water release planned rafting
05/08 no water release aqua-rando
06/08 no water release aqua-rando
07/08 water release planned rafting
08/08 no water release aqua-rando
09/08 no water release aqua-rando
10/08 no water release aqua-rando


In spring, if there is no water spillage on the middle Verdon, we sail on the upper Verdon (above the dam). The flow of the upper Verdon is entirely natural, directly linked to the melting of the snow and the rains. As a result, the upper Verdon is navigable in spring (from April to mid-June). In summer (July-August), the upper Verdon is no longer navigable, its flow becoming too low.

In July and August, the middle Verdon is navigable during the days of the dam releases (usually Tuesdays and Fridays).

However, the days without releasing water on the Verdon are an opportunity to explore the Verdon gorges by swimming and floating via our aqua-rando courses.

The Moyen Verdon: a river subject to dam releases


As the flow of the Verdon is regulated by water releases from the EDF dam, the Moyen Verdon section (downstream from Castellane) is only navigable when the dam is released.

In spring (April to June), water releases take place regularly on weekdays. On the other hand, during the weekends, the demand for electricity being less, water releases are rare.
If there is no water release at this time, we suggest you sail on the Haut-Verdon (in the gorges of Fontgaillarde, located about 30 minutes from Castellane), on the natural flow section fed by the cast iron snow in spring.

For more information on our routes in Haut-Verdon, see our programs:


Rafting on the Haut-Verdon

In summer (July and August), water releases are scheduled only on certain days of the week (mainly Tuesdays and Fridays) during which the following activities are possible in the Moyen Verdon:


Gorges du Verdon

The Haut-Verdon is not navigable in summer, the water flow being insufficient.
On the other hand, the days when there is no dam release on the Verdon are, in summer, an opportunity to explore the Verdon gorges by aqua-rando.

In summer, on days without releasing a dam on the Verdon, we also offer guided cano-raft and air-boat descents on the Var, a natural flow river ideal for these activities, located 45 minutes from Castellane.


In autumn (in September), the frequency of water releases is regular again, EDF often releasing water during the week, but more rarely on weekends.

Equipment for sale


ABOARD Rafting sells second-hand equipment because we constantly renew our equipment, our concern being to always have recent equipment to equip you in the best possible conditions of comfort and safety.

We offer for sale neoprene rafting and canyoning wetsuits (shorties, overalls, jackets), helmets, canyoning harnesses, canyoning bags, life jackets, raft and kayak paddles, whitewater swimming, cano-rafts, rafts, etc. …

Whether you are a professional or an individual, do not hesitate to contact us  for more information.