Meet at 9:00 am or 2:00 pm at La Batie, near the old “restaurant des chasseurs” (see access map), near the Jabron canyon.

Reception of participants by canyoning guides and delivery of equipment. An approach walk (30mn.) Through a pretty pine forest provides access to the Jabron canyon.

The activity begins with an introduction to rappelling techniques by the guide.

Canyoning in the Jabron

Then we enter the Jabron canyon by first walking in its bed. To descend into the canyon itself, we will make a small easy abseil of 5 m. Then, a narrow parade awaits us, a slide on a toboggan (the “Gunner”), a passage in a cattery, other slides, different jumps in the basins (more or less high for the more or less courageous). If you feel like it, you can redo some workshops (abseils, jumps, etc.), or test your new knowledge on a 15m abseil ending in “spider’s thread” (suspended in the air), see taste some surprises from the guide! The less adventurous can be satisfied with the classic route, but it is very likely that they too will take a liking to the multiple possibilities offered by this canyon. Then we just have to walk back to find the starting point. Jumps and slides are not compulsory and can be rappelled. The Jabron is a short, but spectacular canyon that allows you to discover all aspects of the activity.

Canyoning in the Jabron

Rates and bookings


  • No experience is necessary
  • Minimum age: 10 years old (according to the guide’s appreciation)
  • Knowing how to swim is essential
  • Provide:
  • Swimsuit
  • Sports shoes (non-slip soles)
  • Beach towel
  • Note: we offer special canyoning shoes for hire at a rate of 3 Euros / pair.

Validity period

  • From May to September


  • The activity depends on the weather conditions. In the event of rain, water can quickly rise into the canyon. Therefore, ABOARD Rafting reserves the right to cancel outings due to bad weather.

Our activities include:

  • Supervision by experienced guides with state diplomas,
  • Safety equipment in accordance with European standards:
  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • Carabiners and descender
  • The appropriate quality individual equipment:
  • Neoprene overalls
  • Veste néoprène
  • Chaussettes néoprène
  • L’assurance “responsabilité civile” couvrant les activités d’ABOARD Rafting.