Weekend planning

Two days of activities to discover whitewater in all its facets!


In autumn, the E.D.F. Lake Castillon, filled for the winter turbines, feeds the Verdon downstream from Castellane with regular flows that allow the practice of whitewater sports, such as rafting, cano-raft and whitewater swimming. This program will allow you to explore the Verdon while enjoying the autumnal colors and the mildness of the Provençal late season.


Saturday morning: CANO-RAFT on the Moyen-Verdon

Meeting at 9:30 am at our “Adventure Forest” base (see access map)

Reception of participants by ABOARD Rafting guides, then handing over of equipment and briefing for a descent of the Verdon by cano-raft, from “Adventure Forest” to the beach of La Pinède, about 8 km and 1h30 of navigation.

This descent is gradual, with a first part where we cross easy rapids (class II, see the classification of rapids); it allows you to learn how to handle this two-seater boat.

The rest is more eventful until we arrive at the famous Barre St. Jean, classified III (rapid of medium difficulty), the climax of this descent.

We stop above this rapid to observe it from the edge. With the guide, we discuss the different possible trajectories. The guide goes first to wait for us at the bottom of the rapid, and it’s up to us to set off.

Depending on the path taken, this rapid is more or less difficult, but it is anyway, the place to apply what we learned during the descent.

When all the crews have crossed the Barre St. Jean, we continue the descent to reach the finish at the Pinède beach, where we will have lunch.


Saturday afternoon: RAFTING on the Moyen-Verdon

After eating and resting, we continue navigation, this time by raft, towards the entrance to the gorges (about 14 km and 2h30 of navigation) to the Samson corridor.

The first part is easy; it allows you to learn how to handle the raft.

Then we cross small rapids (class II), to finally enter the entrance to the Verdon gorges. The isolation of the gorges allows you to fully enjoy nature; around us rise vertiginous cliffs which are reflected in the emerald water of the Verdon.

Between the rapids, we will have plenty of time to admire the work of erosion on these impressive limestone cliffs.

The rapids of medium difficulty (class III) follow one another and lead us to the Couloir Samson. The Solitaire rapid (class III) will mark the end of this descent (see the classification of rapids).

All we have to do is go back up to the Samson corridor lookout with our equipment, taking the Martel path for about ten minutes, to find the bus that will take us back to “Adventure Forest”.


Sunday morning: CANYONING in the Jabron

Meet at 9:30 am at La Batie, near the Jabron canyoning site (allow a 15-minute drive from Castellane), see access map

Reception of participants by canyoning guides and delivery of equipment.
The activity begins with an introduction to abseiling techniques by the guide.

Then we enter the Jabron canyon by first walking in its bed. Then, we descend into the canyon by a 5 m spider thread abseil.

We then progress to the heart of the canyon where the basins and slides follow one another. After the “Canonnière” slide, we arrive in a large basin where different jumps are possible for those who wish. Then, after passing through a cat flap and a last basin, we reach the end of the canyon. A short walk will bring us back to the starting point.

Jumps and slides are not compulsory and can be abseiled.

The Jabron is a short, but spectacular canyon that allows you to discover all aspects of the activity.


  • Cano-raft on the Moyen-Verdon in half a day
  • Half-day rafting on the Moyen-Verdon
  • Half-day whitewater swimming

Rates and bookings


  • No experience is necessary
  • Knowing how to swim is essential
  • Minimum age: 16 years old
  • Provide:
  • Swimsuit
  • Beach towel
  • Sports shoes (tennis type)
  • Glasses cord

Validity period

  • September


  • As the water levels of the Verdon are regulated by the Castillon dam, this program can only be carried out in the event of water releases from the E.D.F. If there is no water release from the dam, we may be required to modify the program of activities.

Our activities include:

  • Supervision by experienced guides with state diplomas,
  • Safety equipment in accordance with European standards,
  • Quality individual equipment adapted to each activity,
  • Return by bus to the starting point of the activities,
  • “Civil liability” insurance covering the activities of ABOARD Rafting.