Week program

Six days of activities to discover whitewater in all its facets!


ABOARD Rafting offers you this multi-activity program to taste white water in all its facets in the Verdon, from April.

The levels of the Moyen-Verdon are often high at this time thanks to the melting of the snow on the valleys of the Haut-Verdon feeding the lake of Castillon. The E.D.F. de Castillon then ensures almost constant flows on the Moyen Verdon downstream from Castellane. Thus, the river presents at this time an optimal level to indulge in rafting, cano-raft, air-boat and whitewater swimming.

This program will allow you to progress towards more and more autonomous boats over the week and end with an introduction to canyoning.


Monday: RAFTING on Moyen-Verdon

Meet at 9:00 am at our office in Castellane (see access map).

Then meet at 9:30 am at our “Adventure Forest” base (see access map), at the edge of the Verdon for an accompanied descent of the Verdon in rafting.

Reception of participants by ABOARD Rafting guides, then delivery of equipment and briefing for a raft descent of the Verdon, from “Adventure Forest” to the Samson Couloir, approximately 22 km and 4 hours of navigation.

The first part is easy; it allows a gentle initiation into the handling of this boat. You come across class II rapids (easy, see rapids classification), then the Barre St. Jean rapids are in sight. This fast classified III (medium difficulty) requires more maneuvers than what you have experienced so far …

After this emotional moment, it’s time to take a break for lunch by the river.

Navigation towards the entrance to the Gorges resumes at the beginning of the afternoon. Between the first rapids (classified II), we have plenty of time to admire the work of erosion on the impressive limestone cliffs.

La Dégoulinante, a wave train full of sensations, awaits you soon. The Solitaire rapid – the steepest and fastest of the entire descent – will mark the end of the day. Return to Castellane by bus.


Tuesday: CANO-RAFT on the Moyen-Verdon

Meeting at 9:30 am at our “Adventure Forest” base, for a descent of the Verdon by cano-raft, from “Adventure Forest” to the beach of La Pinède, about 8 km and 1h30 of navigation.

The level of difficulty of this descent is gradual, with an easy and now familiar first part, where we cross rapids (class II); it allows you to learn how to handle this two-seater boat.

Towards the end of the route, we arrive at the famous Barre de St. Jean, classified III (rapid of medium difficulty), the climax of this descent. Depending on the path you take, this rapid is more or less difficult, but it’s the place to apply what you learned during the descent anyway.

Fortunately, a large calm area awaits potential “swimmers” at the foot of this rapid.

When all the crews have crossed the Barre St-Jean, we continue the descent to reach the finish at the Pinède beach. Return to Castellane by bus.


Wednesday: AIR-BOAT on the Moyen-Verdon

Meeting at 9:30 am at our “Adventure Forest” base, for a descent of the Verdon by cano-raft, from “Adventure Forest” to the beach of La Pinède, about 8 km and 1h30 of navigation.

A single-seater boat, the air-boat looks like an inflatable kayak, on which you sit (and not in which you slide, as in the case of a rigid kayak).

The interest of the air-boat lies in the navigation sensations it provides, similar to those of a conventional kayak, without the disadvantages of this one.

Indeed, in the event of desalination, the paddler is immediately released from the chocking straps and it suffices to get back on the air-boat to continue the descent. No need to know how to eskimo roll (stand up with your paddle in case of overturning) or to empty your boat on the shore, as with a rigid kayak. You can even try surfing on the waves, under the watchful eye of the guide.

Arrival at La Pinède beach, then return to Castellane by bus.


Thursday: HYDROSPEED in Moyen-Verdon

Meeting at 9:30 am at our “Adventure Forest” base, for a descent of the Verdon in whitewater swimming, about 4 km and 1h30 of navigation.

Equipment and briefing, and off we go in the transparent water of the Verdon.

The route is that of the entrance to the Gorges that we will have explored by raft on the first day. From the water, the canyon and the river take on another dimension!

You are equipped with a reinforced neoprene suit, a helmet, a foam board, and fins that you use to progress in the water, at the rate of the rapids.

You cross the Solitaire and join the Couloir Samson around noon. Return to Castellane by bus.



Meet at 9:30 am at our “Adventure Forest” base for a forest adventure course.

Welcome of the participants by the monitors of the adventure course in the forest, then handing-over of the equipment and briefing.

Move from tree to tree on a series of varied workshops, from 2 to 12 meters in height. Test your balance on Nepalese bridges, jump with a liana, slide on ziplines, walk on suspended walkways, slip through suspended cans, all in complete safety … All you need to do is put on a harness, follow the instructions and all the fun is yours!

A total of 50 varied and progressive workshops await you among the trees, with two zip lines (80 and 130 m above the Verdon) in the end.

This real forest adventure takes place on an exceptional 3 ha site. of pines and deciduous trees, and bordered by cliffs overlooking the Verdon.


Saturday: CANYONING in the Jabron

Meet at 9:30 am at La Batie, near the Jabron canyoning site (allow a 15-minute drive from Castellane), see access map

Reception of participants by canyoning guides and delivery of equipment. The activity begins with an introduction to rappelling techniques by the guide.

Then we enter the Jabron canyon by first walking in its bed. Then, we descend into the canyon by a 5 m spider thread abseil.

We then progress to the heart of the canyon where the basins and slides follow one another. After the “Canonnière” slide, we arrive in a large basin where different jumps are possible for those who wish. Then, after passing through a cat flap and a last basin, we reach the end of the canyon. A short walk will bring us back to the starting point.

Jumps and slides are not compulsory and can be rappelled.

The Jabron is a short, but spectacular canyon that allows you to discover all aspects of the activity.

End of the program, it’s time to say goodbye with memories in your head …


  • Rafting during the day
  • Half-day cano-raft
  • Half-day air-boat
  • Half-day whitewater swimming
  • Half-day forest adventure course
  • Canyoning dans le Jabron en demi-journée

Rates and bookings

  • Activities only: 210 Euros per person.
  • Please note that this program is not modifiable.
  • To book, refer to the registration procedures.


  • No experience is necessary
  • Knowing how to swim is essential
  • Minimum age: 16 years old
  • Provide:
  • Swimsuit
  • Beach towel
  • Sports shoes (tennis type)
  • Glasses cord

Validity period

  • From April to June


  • As the water levels of the Verdon are regulated by water releases from the EDF Company, ABOARD Rafting reserves the right to postpone the whitewater services in the Haut-Verdon in the event of no water release. , without price change.

Our activities include:

  • Supervision by experienced guides with state diplomas,
  • Safety equipment in accordance with European standards:
  • Vest
  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • The appropriate quality individual equipment:
  • Neoprene suit
  • Neoprene socks
  • Return by bus to the starting point for activities (for activities on the Verdon)
  • “Civil liability” insurance covering the activities of ABOARD Rafting.